Cabbage selection equipment


It is a line from auxiliary cutting of outer leaves of cabbage to automatic sorting.

Container tilting device

To be able to tilt 500 kgs container.

Outer leaf separator

The worker presses the cabbage against the outer leaf separator and only steps on the foot switch. The cut outer leaves and cabbage are separated by a conveyor.

Automatic screening by weight checker

Weight checker installed in the conveyor line, weighing is possible while conveying cabbage. Inaddition, cabbage is automatically selected for each result of measurement. Each device is designed to eliminate protruding parts as much as possible and not to hurt the cabbages.

Product data sheet

Cabbage sorting line

Type : 16315-001

Production capacity : 20 tons/Day (8Hours)

Sorted cabbage size :

  • 10 cabbages (Small size)
  • 9 cabbages (Middle size)
  • 8 cabbages (Large size)
  • 6 cabbages (Large size)
  • 5 cabbages (Large size)
  • 4 cabbages (Large size)

Height :

  • Device height 3030mm
  • Input height 1570mm
  • Input height 1200mm

Device specification

  • Body : Baked Coating
  • Guide / Sorting rotating feathers:stainless
  • Bolt:Steal
  • Driven anchor bolt:Steal

Be sure to fix with anchor bolts when installing.
Although this product has sufficient strength,
if you throw cabbage or ride on a conveyor, parts may be damaged or injured.