Always, We have fun with our work

Kouichi Kusano
Design department since 16th /April in 2012

Kouichi KusanoI thought that I could make use of my previous experience and joined our company. Design work begins with the sales staff joining the meeting with our customers. What I am keeping in mind at work is to know what our customer’s request is. Based on customer’s request , we will think machine specifications while also considering the delivery and cost. In addition, we are working closely with each other in the company, we make use of it in the design by gathering opinions from each Division such as Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing department, etc. I feel a relief when proceeding according to the working schedule and I feel challenging after providing the products if I hear from our customers “Your machine is evaluated as high” . For the customer, I think that the fascination of Ogawa materials handling Co., Ltd. which you think about how to create possible without entering from “No(Negative response)” at any request. As a future goal, we aim to build a stronger team of members involved in design Department, including cooperating companies. Personally, I would like to learn new technology and improve my ability. In order to respond to customer's request, I would like to aim for team power Up and ability Up while working hard together with everyone.

Yuuya Ishii
Manufacturing department since 17th /March in 2014

Yuuya IshiiIt is a great incentive to join the company that I was interested in manufacturing and touching machines since I was a childhood. I was worried about changing jobs from other industries, but my senior gave me advice at the appropriate time and gave me guidance enthusiastically. Thanks to them, I appreciate that I am here now. I want to return that grace to my juniors this time. It is our job to assemble from zero and make it shape and install it. Even if we succeed at the factory, things will not flow well on site. In such cases, we coordinate at the worksite and we are making finish that customers feel satisfactory. My pleasure that it was completed to assemble from zero is great. It is the moment of feeling the achievement of work. The company has divisions such as Sales Technology Department, Purchasing Department, Designing Department and Manufacturing Department, but there is no wall of Divisions and cooperation is easy. So quick response is possible. That is the strength of Ogawa materials handling Co., Ltd.and it is greatly positive on manufacturing. If I tell my dream and goal, I am feeling that I am working for 3 years as "a company that will let me challenge". From now on, I would like to make efforts to make better products while strengthening cooperation with other Departments further.