代表取締役社長 伊藤秀典 CEOHidenori Ito We, Ogawa Materials Handling, have created conveyors and automatic labor-saving machines under the OGAWA identity of "easy to handle, powerful, and beautiful machines" and have sent them to the world. This year will mark the 45th anniversary of this process. Looking back on the 45-year journey, it goes without saying that there have been various events, and many experiences have kept Ogawa Materials Handling alive to this day. On this anniversary, what can be done to look back on the history from the founding, learn the achievements of seniors, and continue walking 200 years later in the world and Japan that have changed significantly due to the spread of COVIT19 infection. Because of the COVID-19 disaster, we will always think about what "Ogawa Material Handling" should do and put it into practice. Our slogan is "Create convenience, think from one point-think together about what machines can do based on carrying-", but with a new idea that is not limited to "carrying", we will send out a new wind. In addition, Japanese DX is advancing due to the influence of COVIT19. It is clear that once 5G is organized, low volume production, instant delivery, and diversification of goods will further increase, making existing machines and human systems unable to handle it. In order to respond to this, further labor saving and mechanization are required, so our technology will definitely be necessary.
Looking ahead to the 45th anniversary and the next 50th anniversary, Ogawa Materials Handling promises to further improve its technical capabilities and firmly create a system that can instantly meet the high demands of society.

If you have a high will, you can see the truth and never get lost.
I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.
January 2021