CEO Hidenori ItoIn 1976 in the place of Kurume, we were established firstly with “Convey” as a living business , we are supported by many people for over 40 years until today not only domestic but overseas also produced “ Automatic Machines such as Conveyor Belt , various equipment”
In our history , the current chairman and founder Hirosuke Ito’s outstanding passion and effort , a power of my mother Kumiko who supported a founder. It can be said that there was no doubt that there were courage of company staff who polished their skills to work day and night to be realized the desire of our customers.
As my position I was succeeded to from founder in May 2015, I respect the trust with customers who we have been building up, knowledge acquired as know-how and spirits taken over from the founder than anything else. I aim to become a community- based company more and more.
Aiming for a company that we can fulfill the customer’s desire “Create Convenience. Think from one. Based on convey , we think what we can do with machines together on a basis of our Catch Copy. Based on the sprit of TEAM OGAWA, we’ll create Machines which are loved by customers all over the world”