Introduction of Internal Events

"Science Education Fund" Donation

We also donated "Science Education Fund" Donation to Kurume City which is continuing every year since 2017, this year.
Recently, the experiments of science and physics are significantly reduced in this primary school and middle school due to the shortage of budget, the experiments are not carried out, the pleasures of science and physics are not conveyed to the students. Our chairman of the board of directors have heard of it and He thought that he wanted to do something for the children of Kurume. We are donating continuously since then.
In Kurume City , the improvement of the science equipment by donation and utilizing the donation at each class of school and Kurume City Education Center appeal the students to raise the interest and concern about science , make progress their motivation and nurture the scientific thinking and expression.

感謝状 棚
誘導コイル 赤ちゃんの大きさ体験 発砲スチロールカッター

A New year Party

New year Party which every employee took part in was held on 21st of Jan in 2017. In our New year party , presidents announced “OGAWA vision in 2017” ,employees made presentation their aspiration at individual and our party was in full swing.


A Year-end party

We held a year-end party which many vendors and cooperating companies also took part in as annual event on 9th of December in 2016.
The number of participants from outside of our company is 3 times as many as the number of our staffs who were talking with people outside company as a place where we appreciate for suppliers and cooperating companies , we enjoyed our conversation to express thanks this year and ambition next year by drinking with each other and it was quite exciting at the attraction.

忘年会 忘年会

Company Trip

We went to Okinawa Islet as company trip from 22th through 24th in September.
This year , Our company as 40th Anniversary was making the Schedule from trip for 1 night 2 days to the trip for 2 nights 3 days as normal year , we were able to spend the precious time in Okinawa not only resort but also deepen our learning as a place of land warfare which had too many victims.

社員旅行 社員旅行
社員旅行 社員旅行

18th General Development Practice Conference / Lecture meeting

We invited Miss Masako Ganaha from Okinawa as a lecturer at the brand new large Conference room of Kurume City Plaza where was opened at the end of April in 2016 and held a lecture on 8th of July in 2016.
On that day , many of you visited us not only from inside but also outside the company among the audience of more than 200 people. Miss Ganaha made a speech about Truth of Okinawa on the subject of “I can see the future of Japan from Okinawa ~What I want to do for my country Japan”.

講演会 講演会

17th General Development Practice Conference / Cherry blossoms viewing Party

We held a cherry – blossom viewing party with our employees and their families under the cherry blossoms in full bloom at our company site.
Their families enjoyed with grilled chicken which our employees baked by using U-shaped Groove , children spent a pleasant day by our employees’ performance that they hit upon and having the ice cream which were decorated with toppings.

花見会 花見会
花見会 花見会

16th General Development Practice Conference / Lecture meeting

We invited Bema Yangjan who works as Singer, lecturer and Social educator to be active in many fields and we held this lecture meeting.
On that day , many of you visited us not only from inside but also outside the company among the audience. Ms Yangjan made a speech on the subject of “The story from Tibet where is closest to Heaven-A Dream exists to be realized -” We heard a hot story that was strong from Ms Yangjan.

講演会 講演会