Ogawa Materials Handling Co.,Ltd. is
in a rich environment close to Chikugo River


Company Profile

  • NameOgawa Materials Handling Co.,Ltd.
  • LocationZip code: 839-0804
    Wakamatsu1-20,Miyanojinn-chou,Kurume-City,Fukuoka Pref.
  • foundationMay in1976
  • Capital¥20,000,000
  • Board memberCEO Hidenori Ito
    COO Shinji Ito
  • Employee28 personnel
  • Bank Zendouji Branch Office /Fukuoka Bank
    Kurume Branch Office /Nishi-Nippon City Bank
    Kurume Branch Office/kita-kyushu Bank

Corporate History

  • 1966 Current chairman Hirosuke Ito arrived from Tokyo Ogawa Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. as sales officer to Kyushu for opening up the Market by president's order.
  • 1969 Kyushu branch office / Ogawa Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was established in Kurume city.
  • 1976 We purchased assets and markets of Kyushu Branch office / Ogawa Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
    Ogawa Materials Handling Co.,Ltd was established.
    Hirosuke Ito was appointed as CEO
  • 1986 New factory and office building in the same place
  • 1997 Relocated to Miyanojin Industrial Complex (Current address)
  • 1998 Extended factory in the same place
  • 2006 Held a celebration party for 30th Anniversary with family
  • 2008 Extended 2nd,3rd Factory in the same place
  • 2015 Held the Chairman and President Announcement Ceremony
  • 2016 Held a celebration party for 40th Anniversary with family




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Internal Events

event We are doing various internal events so that we can have meaningful days and to promote smooth communication within the company

Foreign employees of our company

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Map and Surrounding Environment


高速を降りたところ [A] : If you get off the highway, please come in the direction of Saga/ Hita , not downtown area of Kurume宮の陣新産業団地入口付近 [B] : Entrance of New Miyanojin Industrial Complex


[1] Chikugo River : The space on both banks is a place for people to relax
[2] Bairinji (Temple):Many people crowd in plum time
[3] Suitengu(Shrine)This is the total head office all over Japan

Ogawa Materials Handling Co.,Ltd. is in the place corner close to Chikugo River where it flows slowly through Chikugo Region. Southern Imperial Court side were defeated in the several area with a 40.000-strong Army conquered against Northern Imperial Court side with a 60.000-strong Army “ Battle of Ouhobara “ set in this place , at that time , the unusual place is derived from the History that Okura prince who occupied at the western part of the territory of Southern Imperial Court. Ogawa Materials Handling Co.,Ltd. will transmit the future of logistics from this place where has rich nature , history and culture intersect.